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Re-New isn't just a business or group. Nor is it just a market. Re-New is a dream

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Please go to our Membership page to fill in the membership application form or download the .PDF, scan and return by email

Our Workshop

On Saturday April 8th 2023 Re-New will open its doors, at our new venue, at 113 King St North, Hastings, with a Sustainable Market, showcasing our community, their skills and crafts.  

The Re-New Workshop is a workshop where people like you, and me, with space or equipment limitations, can come and work, individually, or together, creating and recreating, upcycling and recycling, and be able to have your products sold through the store, where all aspects of retailing, including marketing and shipping will be managed, on your behalf.


At the workshop, members will be able to utilise the available space, materials, tools, equipment and facilities to create or recreate whatever they like. We have access to virtually limitless supplies of materials, such as damaged furniture, housewares and homewares, clothing, timbers, metals, salvage and items otherwise destined for landfill. We also have tools and workbenches, a spray painting booth and an electrical area. All electrical work will be tested and tagged by Hector Jones, to ensure safety of both our members and our customers. As our funding grows,  so too will our tool and equipment supply, though we have an impressive collection to start with.

As our workshop community grows, we'll be able to be able to offer classes for people to learn to fix things and create things, as well as to assemble kits for basic things, people can do for themselves, and learn a new skill. We will create partnerships with education providers, to give students credits towards study qualifications, and with social services, to be able to help fund peoples opportunities to gain new skills and experience.

Our Re-New Store will be a collective retail space. Each person who utilises it will be able to set their own prices, and get to keep their earnings. You do the work, you deserve to get paid for it. It will also be for people who work from their own workshops or from home.


Re-New is a place where people who need a second chance, or just want to do something to keep busy, or earn some extra money, can come together and share space, time, skills, experience and opportunities. And maybe, just maybe have a fresh start, or create a fresh start for someone else.

The seasonal Sustainable Markets will continue, as events, and help promote the community as a whole, and the members as individuals, and give people a chance to bag a bargain that may just help to save the environment, just a little bit.


If you would like to help us grow our Re-New Community Workshop please donate at Givealittle page 

$1 or $1,000 - Every dollar helps us grow. Or purchase a ticket in our raffle below. We have $5,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

Fundraiser Raffle

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