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Please visit us at 113 King St North, Hastings to view stock in person.

Please complete the form below or download, complete and scan and email the attached .PDF if you are interested in having Re-New stock your products store.

Store Supply Application

Terms and conditions:

The applicant agrees to supply Re-New NZ 2021 Ltd (Re-New), on a non-exclusive basis, items to sell through the Re-New Sustainable Workshop and Store. The applicant will determine their own prices (RRP), and agree that Re-New will add a GST inclusive margin to the applicants stated RRP. Re-New asks the applicant to provide documentation listing all items and the applicants RRP, and Re-New will provide an itemised list of sold items and proof of payment to the applicant, no later than 30th of each month.

Re-New agrees to provide all sales and marketing for the provided items and identify the applicant as the creator/producer. The applicant may provide business cards or promotional/contact materials.

Re-New also agrees to provide insurance for all applicants’ items while in the possession of Re-New, and pay applicants RRP, should items be damaged beyond repair.

Re-New reserves the right to refuse to stock, market or sell items, for any or no reason, and will return any unsold items at the request of the supplier, without penalty.

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