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At Re-New we salvage goods from skip bins and recycle centres; from building site dumpsters and everyday people with things that they would otherwise throw into the rubbish, and we repair or restore it, if its damaged or worn; or we repurpose (up-cycle) it, if we can see a new purpose in it. If we can't repair, restore or repurpose it, we recycle it, by dismantling it and using the parts for other Re-New products.

We create new products using  salvaged materials from building  sites, manufacturing businesses, other repair businesses and donated goods. 


Re-New also offers personalised services for customers who have items they would like to have Re-Newed for themselves, such as turning old cots into window seats or porch swings.

But, that is just a part of what we do. We host the seasonal Re-New Sustainable Markets where other amateur and professional creative artists and crafters join our Community to bring, showcase and sell their amazing sustainable products, talents, skills, and services.

We have now leased a  workshop, in Central Hastings, for our community to come and create, recreate, upcycle and recycle, with space and equipment, to express their talents and skills and sell their crafts.


If you would like to join our community or help contribute to our community efforts, please visit our Workshop page and learn about us and our plans and fundraising efforts.


An antique card table, beautifully restored to its original glory, ready for the next 3 generations of card sharps.

A unique art deco style lamp, created from a broken lamp, with a beautiful etched glass, revolving lazy Susan top.

A beautiful set of bedside tables crafted  from recycled macrocarpa.

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