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Working together to create a sustainable future

Our Story

Our story is about sustainability, and looking at what we can do to make a new future from old lessons. This is quite literally the story of “One persons trash is another’s treasure”.

If you would like to help contribute to our community efforts, please visit our Fundraising page and learn about our plans and fundraising efforts.

Who We Are

We are floral artists who create stunning scenes from dried flowers and botanicals; jewellers who turn old bike tyres into stylish earrings and necklaces; seamstresses who turn old, out of style clothing into new fashion wear. 


We are potters who turn old garden pots into clever characters; salvagers who turn old washing machines and bric-a-brac into incredible lamps and tables; sculptors who turn stone and driftwood into sensual art pieces.


We are up-cyclers who turn beaten up old school furniture into beautiful new home, office or business furniture; restorers and upholsterers who just want to make old new again; carpenters who turn scrap building materials into one of a kind pieces of furniture or art.


We are also arborists who work tirelessly to save the living gifts of nature; solar panel cleaners who believe in a cleaner greener future; people who are working to replace single use plastics with reusable natural fibre products; and many more.

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Our Friends

We couldn't do this without our friends. 

Re-Source - Charitable Services
Pre-loved, refurbished Apple desktop, laptop, tablet and phone sales. Apple computer service and repair.
Local Markets NZ A community of local, village, community and specialised markets around NZ
Cranford Hospice and Charity Shops
Hastings District Council
Matt Stout arborist
The Environment Centre
A&P Society
Rhonda Diprose - Funeral Celebrant
NZ Lawn & Garden Registry
Bo's Mows Lawn care
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