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Re-New NZ is about second chances. It is about taking old and making it new again. But what does that mean? 


Re-New takes what is old, unloved, broken, unwanted, unused, un-needed, and ultimately disposable, and makes it new again. 
We take items otherwise destined for landfill, and turn them into items destined for new homes. We take materials salvaged from skip bins, and building site waste, scrap yards, bonfire piles and beaches, and turn them into new, unique,  pieces of furniture, artworks, jewellery, fashionable clothing, small appliances and household goods, or even tools. And we give the wonderful, visionary, creative people an outlet. 
We also give people a new start. We are people who have, like me, lost jobs, though the global health crisis; people who are retired; people who are wanting to start something new, from an old dream; people who like to just potter around; people who believe in creating something new; people who want, or need, a second chance. 

If you would like to help contribute to our community efforts, please visit our Workshop page and learn about our goals and fundraising efforts.

Re-New does this as part of the business, but our community also does this in partnership with Hawke's Bay charity Re-Source who help organisations, such as Women's Refuge and WINZ, help people in need. 

Re-New is more than just a business. Re-New is a community of people who want to make a positive difference, for themselves, their families, their communities, our environment and our future. We believe it takes all of us to make a better, more sustainable future. Visit our Sustainable Market page for more information, or our Community page to see who we are, what we each do and contact our stallholders, or to buy online. 

We have now leased a workshop, in Central Hastings, for our community to come and create, recreate, upcycle and recycle, with space and equipment, to express their talents and skills and sell their crafts. If you would like to help contribute to our community efforts, please visit our Workshop page and learn about our plans and fundraising efforts.

The Dreamer


Julie Cronin

Re-New NZ owner dreamer

I decided, when I lost my job, during the first New Zealand COVID19 lockdown, that I needed to do something positive to create and shape my own future, and the future of my family, and try to help shape a better future for the generations to come. Re-New NZ is that something. 

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